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Posted on February 8, 2014 by Brittany Will

LisaIf you have ever been to the Girl Next Door, The Closet or Simple Gestures, you’ve surely seen the beautiful leather bags and handcrafted necklaces strung about the stores. You pick up the tag and read “Peaceful Mind” handwritten and you can’t help but think that’s exactly what would have inspired such a beautiful piece. Little do you know, that peaceful mind just so happens to be sitting right behind the Girls Next Door employee counter.

Lisa Autrey is the creator of “Peaceful Mind,” with her humble personality and amazing work, this article was just waiting to be written.

Finding that Autreys’ inspirations come from her Native American roots and undeniable love for the ocean isn’t hard to believe with her tanned skin and long brown hair.

“I can feel it within me and I know I am meant to create native pieces”  Autrey said.

Her inspirations also come from those still around her every day. Boyfriend, Drew, inspires her with his own creative outlet and allows her to see his creations in order to stimulate her own. Autreys parents owned a leather shop in St. Augustine and that alone tells you where her love of leather bloomed.

 “Their craftsmanship was flawless and intention was put in every item. I hope I can live up to that one day”  Autrey said.

_MG_0539-1Fortunately, I think we can all agree that she is well on her way with her beautiful craftsmanship and the potential to really get herself out there.

Her next step? Selling online of course. With a full time job, an obsession with yoga and her huge commitment to the ocean, Autrey has yet to really get an online reputation going. But in today’s day and age, an online appearance is becoming mandatory for stronger success. According to by Invesp, by 2017 it is predicted that 10% of all sales in the US will be made online. So yet again, Autrey is heading in a sunny direction.

If you haven’t yet, pop into Girls Next Door or even The Closet or Simple Gestures and peek for yourself at the stunningly crafted bags and thoughtfully pieced jewelry by the beautiful Lisa Autrey.