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Posted on January 27, 2014 by Brittany Will

Claire5Breaking free from the cliché Orange County girl decked out in pink, Jac Vanek is anything but your typical girly-girl. At the age of 15, Vanek aspired change that eventually became better known as “RUTHLESS,” her first collection of bold statements on bracelets.

Today, Vanek is continuing her boldness with the help of an old friend, Johnny Schillereff, formally known as the founder of Element Skateboards. Element embraces Vanek’s bold and unique designs and thus far have at least 4 new lines for the Element Eden collection. As expected, the lines became a huge hit.

You look at her designs and see such simplicity and so much truth that you wonder why it hasn’t been done before.  Well, until you read Vanek’s bio, you never really realize the kind of person required for this clothing line. So far, nobody has made such drastic one-liners on such appealing backgrounds. Not only do they grab your attention and make you think, but they actually have true meaning behind them.Claire2yes

You’re not just being told to simply “quit your day job” but the inspiration behind it is to love what you do, enjoy every day and wake up every morning looking forward to the day ahead. So by “day job” Vanek must be referring to the unbearable drag of a life most of us get so consumed with in order to make a living.

Sounds about right and in that case….quit your day job.

Everything about the clothing is unique and what we’ve all been craving: truth. We all know today’s trends are all about the crazy patterns, one-liners and skimpy cuts. So Vanek without further ado, you’ve nailed it.

To purchase the Jac Vanek clothing at surf station, click the link and browse around :