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Posted on March 10, 2014 by Brittany Will

Dkoko is a brand many women have yet to hear about, although it’s worth spreading the word. This bathing suit line was inspired by the tropical Costa Rican beach and lifestyle, and specializes in surf bathing suits as well as lifestyle and yoga-wear.

Although many surf stores have yet to carry it, Girls Next Door has lots of styles available. The bottoms are adjustable in many ways and can be made cheekier, tighter, and more comfortable depending on the individual. If you’re a girl typically on the beach during those hot summer days, you know the importance of the perfectly fitting bathing suit. Dkoko just might be that perfect fit for you! It’s versatility makes it almost impossible to not fit a fitting suit to your liking.

Their mission: to give an outstanding bathing suit to the surfer girls who know that’s hard to come by and for those who don’t ride the waves, something trendy and sexy to sport around.  So come into Surf Station- Girls Next Door and check them out before it’s too late! This hot item might not be available for long.

Shop online! Check out my favorite Dkoki suit here:



Photos from Dkoko online store.




The items in the Gallery are stills from the Dkoko promotional video as well as from the Surf Station Girls Next Door website.